Custom Jewelry

Designed by Christopher Palko

"Today, everyone is looking for that unique jewellery to remind them of that special moment in their life."

Create your Moment in Time jewellery piece

How to make your custom jewelry:

Step 1: Consultation

In Step 1 in the Custom Jewellery Design process, we will discuss and view pictures that you have brought with you* to determine if custom design is the route for you. We will discuss desired expectations, outcomes, timelines and budget.  Hand drawn renderings might be done by Chris during this part of the process to assist in generating ideas and finding solutions.  

All artwork renderings remain the intellectual property of Palko Jewellery Design.

Please note: The first hour is on us. Consultation time required over and above the 1st hour is billed at $100/hour.

Also, if custom design isn't a good fit for you, we do have alternative restyling solutions which might be a better, more budget minded, solution for your jewellery needs.

Intrigued? Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.

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Step 2: Concept drawings

This is Part 2 of the Custom Jewellery making process which is the concept drawings of the planned piece using Computer Assisted Design (CAD).  In Part 1 we have already determined what the nature of piece, your ideas concepts and that custom design is the route that is to be taken for your item completion. In this step, we will provide a presentation of  pictures for customer approval.  Approval can be done in person




(Virtual Zoom Meeting) or via email. There can be 2 minor changes to CAD Designs included in pricing.

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Step 3: 3D Printing

This is Part 3 of the Custom Jewellery Making process.

Parts 1 and Part 2 have already been completed and customer approved (Consultation and CAD Concept Drawings).

3D Printing is very useful step in the design process.  This provides a physical sample of what the finished product will look like. The print resin is strong enough to handle therefore helps you understand the feel and form of the finished piece.  You will have to use your imagination to "see" it in a reflective gold or platinum.  We do know that if you like it in the resin/wax then you will absolutely love it in the gold!  In some more intricate designs Chris might have to do some alternate sample mockups which can include using regular wax hand sculpting instead of 3D Printing.  All part of the design process to ensure the perfect finished piece is planned for you. 

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Step 4: Casting, stone setting, final detailing

The final Step 4, in the Custom Jewellery making process is the making of the piece. The previous 3 Steps have been completed and customer approved (1 HR Consult ~ CAD Concept Drawings ~ 3D Print).

Step 4 Includes:

  • Up to 6 grams 14K gold for item being made. Finished weight above 6.0g will be charged at the daily rate/gram.
  • Casting of 3D Print wax.
  • Setting of all stones (customer's and new).
  • Final detailing and finishing of piece in accordance with agreed upon directives.
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