About Us


Chris and Carol Palko, happy husband and wife team of Palko Jewellery Design.  Smiling and standing in their showroom, arm in arm.

Meet the Palko's

We are Chris and Carol Palko of Palko Jewellery Design. We are a unique team, working in an elegant Victorian setting, which is located in the heart of Brockville Ontario, City of the 1000 Islands.     

Carol is the people person of the business.  It's through her professionalism, integrity and humor that we shine.

Chris, an exceptional artist and experienced Goldsmith since 1981, channels his creativity into his Custom Jewellery.

14K White 3 square stone diamond ring with small diamond accent stones along band and claws of 3 centre stones. It has diamond wedding bands on either side of the 3 stone engagement ring  Round glass cloisonne enamel depicting a tall ship at sea with waves curling around ship. Yellow gold frame has waves encircling the enamel.

His one-of-a-kind Fine Cloisonné Enamels are true jewellery of distinction, framed with Gold casings and gems.  The pieces have such depth of colour and eloquence, simply beautiful to behold. 

We both have a passion for finding the best solution to your jewellery needs.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Call us at 613-345-4507


In 1996, we formed Palko Jewellery Design. Carol left her healthcare career and jumped into the wonderful world of jewellery!  Carol realized that she needed to enroll in the GIA Gemologist Program to bring an expertise in gemstones into their business portfolio.


In 2013, we celebrated Brockville being the First Port of Call in the Tall Ships 1812 Tour by making the "Fair Jeanne Inspired Pendant".  A one-of-a-kind fine Cloisonne enamel, gold and jeweled pendant.

Palko Jewellery was named the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year for Leeds and Grenville. An honour which we continue to cherish.

Over the years we have continued to grow in the use of technology in the jewellery studio. Chris now uses CAD & 3D Printing in his custom designing and fusion welding in manufacturing and repair.

We continue to be inspired by the beauty of the Thousand Islands, presenting a personalized, full spectrum jewellery business for your jewellery needs.  Feel free to contact us with any questions. We will be glad to answer them.

Designs offered

At Palko Jewellery, we are in the business of Creating Moment in Time Jewellery for heirloom pieces for now and for future generations.

We specialize in hand-crafted, exquisite pieces that are designed specifically for each individual. Whether it’s designing your bridal wedding set, anniversary celebration ring or designing a custom band just for you, we bring our creative passion into each ring, necklace or set of earrings.  

What customers are saying when asked to remember their favourite "Moment in Time" with us . . . 

" My favourite moment in time was my ring! It’s still exactly what I’ve always wanted, and wouldn’t change a thing!  Thanks, 

Tammy Perrin, Brock Cartage


" What a lovely opportunity! I can easily remember my favourite “moment”! Actually, the entire process of designing and creating my ring was thrilling but when you revealed the final result, I recall feeling absolutely giddy! Amazing what a little trinket can do to a girl! LOL!  

Pamela Prince


" Where to begin ? I have many favourite moments in time. Watching my grand daughters necklaces become more meaningful and beautiful each year, or the necklace designed for a special birthday or my mother’s old rings turning into a gorgeous gold nugget. However, I must admit my most memorable and amazing moment shared with you two talented people was when Chris along with Carol’s help transformed my engagement ring and an anniversary ring into one stunning ring that I still enjoy wearing and receive compliments on. 

Shirley Coggan