Throw-Back Thursday - 1st 3D CAD Custom Piece 2012

Throw-Back Thursday - 1st 3D CAD Custom Piece 2012

First 3D CAD Custom Piece Receives Go-Ahead

ORIGINALLY Posted 28 Jun 2012 3:51 am by : Carol

Today marks a milestone day for Palko Jewellery Design as we have entered into the new age of 3D Computer Assisted Design technology with our first custom piece receiving approval for go-ahead.
As you can see from the picture rendering, the level of intricate detail in ring fabrication is much higher than what would be able to be done in a traditional handmade techniques.

Tammy, Chris and I are all very excited to see the milled wax and cast piece!

These are screenshots of the computer renderings used to design the piece.


May 2019 - Wow! We have come a long way ... but what a piece to start us on the journey!

Today, CAD has become an invaluable part of my design process.  From visualizing to conception of ideas with the ability to experiment with shapes and geometry that you can't do otherwise.  Even though I might still hand fabricate the actual item the plan or concept has been done in a virtual space.

I am currently working on many projects. Eventually I will share most of these with you in my blog. At the moment I am designing the gold frames for a new enamel earring series.  Similar to these prototype earrings. Like them?   






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