Tall Ships Enamel Captain’s Log 2013-05-05

Tall Ships Enamel Captain’s Log 2013-05-05

The Casting (Birthing) of the Fair Jeanne Pendant Casing!

The Fair Jeanne Inspired Pendant

Join with us today to see how molten gold is transformed into the incredible casing of the Fair Jeanne Pendant!

Chris shows us the “lost wax” method of casting.  You will see how the wax has been put into a cylinder containing white plaster (investment) in which the wax has been burned out in a hot oven leaving the wax impression.

A very exciting time!
Let’s see how the gold piece looks when it is first “born”!

For story – click HERE

Part one of the Casting Process Part two of the casting process.


Join in our excitement by continuing to follow the Tall Ship Enamel Captain’s Log as we continue in the progress of creating a treasured Moment in Time for the Tall Ships 1812 Tour.

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Your Personal Moment in Time Jewellers,
Chris and Carol Palko


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