Tall Ship Captain’s Log 2013-04-04

Tall Ship Captain’s Log 2013-04-04

The Tall Ship enamel is coming to life!

Chris shows the demonstration of making the Tall Ship enamel. Using powdered enamels, fine silver and gold, with the artful craftsmanship of the enamelist and goldsmith it becomes a fine finished piece. Share in the beauty of fine enameling with this jewellery demo. Complexity and simplicity at it’s best. An ancient jewellery art form over 3000 years old. Treasured and compared to, and set like a gem, showing it’s depth of colour and textures. So intriguing and unique. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Create Your Personal Moment in Time enamel piece!

Helping to Preserve Personal Moments in Time with a Fine Cloisonne Enamel piece to celebrate the Tall Ships coming to Brockville June 14-16th 2013.

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Your Personal Jewellers, Carol and Chris Palko


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