The Black’s story – Easy does it First things First

The Black’s story – Easy does it First things First

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The Black’s story – Easy does it First things First

Morley George Black

Morley George Black was the beloved father to his four loving children: Greg, Tammy, Calvin and Sheldon. After his passing in May 2014 his children came to Chris and I to see if we could help create four memorial pieces.

What Sheldon and Greg brought to us was an amazing bracelet that had belonged to Morley. It was a sobriety bracelet with “Easy does it, First things First” inscribed on it.

Easy does it, First things First Bracelet

Morley used it to mark his years of sobriety by adding a stone to it each year.  At the time of his passing there were 25 stones marking the passage of time. A tribute to a life changing decision that the family wanted to embrace and continue in remembrance for future generations.

After speaking with Sheldon and Greg, it was decided to put together a design similar to George’s original bracelet plate that could be used as either a bracelet or pendant and the stones would then be divided between the 4 siblings.

CAD Rendering

Chris was able to put together the Computer Assisted Design (CAD) renderings for the family’s approval.  They loved what they saw and gave the go ahead right away.

Chris then proceeded to make a mold so that multiple plates could be produced for the four pieces.

Front of plate fresh from casting

Chris created the back of the plate to read: “In loving memory of our Father MGB May 31 2014”.

Back of finished plate with compass rose

He also styled a compass rose with the following significance:  the back of the two larger diamonds, represent the parents and the back of the 4 smaller diamonds the children.

Finished Pendant

Back of finished plate

The family were absolutely thrilled when they saw the finished product. Chris and I feel absolutely honored to be a part of continuing Morley Black’s legacy of “Easy does it, First things First”.

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