Palko Jewellery Design – Celebrates International Women’s Day 2016

Palko Jewellery Design – Celebrates International Women’s Day 2016

LGSBEC Lifetime Achievement Award – Created By Palko Jewellery Design

Palko Jewellery Design is celebrating International Women’s Day and women’s entrepreneurship with the Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre (LGSBEC) on March, 3, 2016 in Kemptville, Ontario. This special event is called “Refresh Your Passion”.

Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2015 Palko Jewellery Design created a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for LGSBEC. It is given annually to a female entrepreneur who has achieved long-standing success in her business and contributed to the Leeds Grenville community. Above is an image of the silver award pin that Palko Jewellery Design created for LGSBEC. It will be presented at the International Women’s Day event March 3rd .

Special Moments in Time Captured

Chris and Carol Palko have an obvious loving relationship and bring that love into their business. They enjoy creating and “Capturing Special Moments in Time” jewellery and presentation pieces for clients. Chris the Designer/Goldsmith, and Enamellist provides 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) images, and then laser-printed models of the jewellery/presentation piece, to help customers conceptualize (feel) the finished work. Carol, is the social presence of the business – she is the public relations (PR) and marketing face of Palko Jewellery Design. She manages the business and drives customer engagement. Chris and Carol received the 2013 Leeds & Grenville Entrepreneur/s of the Year award acknowledging their active entrepreneurial spirit in the community.

Destination Jeweller of the 1000 Islands

Since 1996, Palko Jewellery Design has been serving the 1000 Islands area (Canada & USA). Specializing in custom-designed jewellery and enamelling. Their success in business is an example of what a solid business partnership can accomplish.

Do you need a commemorative presentation piece that celebrates your corporate accomplishments?

Please contact: Palko Jewellery Design.

We expect our clients to leave with a smile on their face. Nothing is left to chance.

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