Northern Lights & 1st Day of Spring

Northern Lights & 1st Day of Spring

1st Day of Spring – Rejoice!

After a long and very cold winter I think everyone is really ready for spring. I certainly know I am!

Just so you know – this picture was taken in my garden 2 years ago on this very day.  This year this spot is still under about a foot of snow. A  true test of patience this year! For those of you still battling with snow storms in the east coast of Canada and the United States, my heart goes out to you.

Northern Lights 2015

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis light show is shown here in some spectacular photographs taken at Birds Hill Provincial Park in Winnipeg by Dean Hilario. Click on the picture and the link will take you to his photos.

For those of you who can get away from the city lights you too can see these amazing light shows, even in Eastern Ontario.  Enjoy!

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