New Website - New Arrivals

New Website - New Arrivals

Welcome to our newly updated website. It has been awhile in the revision.  With the help of  the people with Digital Mainstreet  (Alyssa in Ottawa) I was able to update my existing Shopify site for a new fresher look. 

Check out our NEW ARRIVALS !

Do you like the new site?  What works for you?  What doesn't?  Good or bad,  we would like your comment below. 

Have a wonderful day!

Your Personal Jeweller, Carol

7 May 2021


  • Carol Palko

    Thanks Linda! We really love what we do and all customers are really thrilled with their new and unique jewellery that reminds them of that special moment in their life. Love my job!

  • Linda Henderson

    Classic Elegant Presentation. Wow! Really Complements Your Creative Designs. Your Use of Different Gem Stones Are A Pleasant Change.

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