Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Lifetime Award Silver Pin

Palko Jewellery Design in collaboration with The Leeds & Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre is sponsoring the Annual Lifetime Achievement Award Silver Pin. This is new for 2015.

How this Silver pin came to be is an interesting story.  In true Palko Jewellery Design fashion, all of our pieces have stories behind them. Creating A Personal Moment in Time piece is our specialty. Each one lovingly designed with true consideration for each person and the event they are celebrating.

Heather Howard 2015 Recipient with Wendy Onstein, LGSBEC

Heather Howard, Fox Run by the River in Gananoque, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award on March 9th, 2015 at the International Women’s Day dinner. Congratulations Heather!

Please watch our video  to see get the whole story behind the pin and see how it was made.

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