How do you Celebrate a Leap Year Birthday?

How do you Celebrate a Leap Year Birthday?

Personal Moment in Time ~ Grandma Shirley

One very innovative Grandma named Shirley has Created a Personal Moment in Time with a fantastic way of keeping track and celebrating each February 29th Leap Year Birthday – with a Diamond

It all started when Shirley’s granddaughter Charlotte was born. 

Shirley wanted to have a very special way of signifying each leap year birthday, so she came to Palko Jewellery Design with an idea of putting a necklace together that would grow each year. We decided to use Charlotte’s Amethyst birthstone for all non leap years and then having a special diamond to mark each “real” birthday. The single Pearl in the centre marks Charlotte’s birth. Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Do you have some Special Moments in Time that you want commemorate?
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Your Personal Jewellers,
Carol & Chris
“Capturing Your Personal Moments in Time”


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