Heirloom is Reborn! Creating Your Personal Moments in Time!

Imagine . . . breathing new life into heirloom jewels.

Breathing new life into their heirloom jewels is exactly what Marleen, her daughter and I did on a cold and

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snowy day in January at our Palko Jewellery Design studio. The two ladies, after much discussion and deliberation, decided upon this 14KW Pendant that would allow the Centre Stone and 4 Side Stones to be as close to the original layout of Delie’s, Marleen mother’s, engagement ring.
Thank you Marlene for graciously sharing Delie’s pictures and story with us. What a delight in viewing all of these pictures, making it all so much more a Personal Moment in Time.

The heirloom reborn!  Showing the ring off!
The exciting wedding day! Marlene showing the original ring.
The before and after shot.

Do you have a cherished heirloom that is not wearable or is out of fashion?

At Palko Jewellery Design we strive to take the time to ensure each piece is made with consideration and the utmost care. We know by the delighted exclamations, when the piece is delivered, that we have been successful in creating a piece that is unique and very meaningful for you.
Contact us now to book your appointment to create your new Personal Moment in Time Heirloom piece.

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