Gemstone of the Month - Alexandrite

Gemstone of the Month - Alexandrite

Alexandrite is one of the celebrated gems used as the June birthstone and is also a celebratory gem for the 55th Anniversary.

Alexandrite is a member of the Chrysoberyl family of stones.  It is a unique stone in that it does a colour change in different types of light as shown in the picture. Alexandrite natural gem which changes colour. Two pictures shown one green and one red stoneTheir origin has been from various areas of South America, East Africa, and Sri Lanka.  For information regarding colouring and pricing the International Gem Society 

I have a wonderful Alexandrite story to share with you.

David and Nancy came to see me last fall after Nancy had lost her diamond from her engagement ring.  I’ll let them tell their story from here ... 

“Our first thought was to simply have it replaced.  However some thought and the fact that we would be celebrating our 53rd anniversary on May 14, 2019 we looked around to see what stone was used to celebrate 55 years, since this is how long we have known each other.  Alexandrite came up as a stone traditionally used to celebrate 55 years.  Nancy thought that would be a good idea and was especially intrigued by the changing colours under various lighting conditions.White gold engagement ring with round faceted blue Alexandrite centre stone 

We contacted various jewellers to see who could do the job and how affordable… or not... it would be.  We were impressed with the service at Palko Jewellery after discussions with Carol.  We discussed various options for replacement: - original diamond, synthetic Alexandrite, or genuine Alexandrite.  Since colour change was important to Nancy and I we decided on the real thing, and everything was ready for Christmas including repairing the wedding band as well.

It has been over 6 months now and Nancy is still intrigued with the Stone.  I often can see her studying it in various lights as we enjoy lunch together.  This has turned out to be one of our best decisions and the service and choice of Alexandrite has exceeded our expectations.  David Shaver

Chris and I believe in creating jewellery that tells a story.   Do you have a story to be told?  Contact us or leave a comment below to create your Personal Moment in Time. 

Carol Palko
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