Gemstone Inclusions Photo Art

Gemstone Inclusions Photo Art

Fracture surface in Diaspore

Most people only look at a gem and see the beautiful sparkles and flashes of colour from their jewellery with out ever knowing what is on the inside.  There is a whole new world waiting to be discovered!

Diamond trigon inclusion 

As best said by John Koivula, Chief Gemologist at GIA in introduction to Anthony de Goutière’s book “Wonders within Gemstones”

… Complex, dramatic and enlightening, the seemingly limitless variety to be found in the microscopic world of gems can easily capture our minds and propel us on an adventurous journey that will be as fascinating as any we will ever undertake…envision twisted and swaying undersea kelp gardens when examining the cool green fluid inclusions found in an emerald from the mines in Colombia … Golden crystals of rutile in quartz become shafts of sun-browned straw and an iridescent healed fracture may appear as a human fingerprint … The variety is without end.

Take a look at the inside of a gemstone with Anthony de Goutière using photo art or photomicrography. Each gemstone with it’s inclusions  is unique, intriguing and often inspiring. Anthony de Goutière is a Graduate Gemologist specializing in the photomicrography of gemstone inclusions.

At Palko Jewellery Design we specialize in finding that special gem suited just for you.  My GIA gemological training assures you that I can personally verify each stone for it’s authenticity and quality. In addition I offer a full gem stone Identification and appraisal services.

Feel free to contact me to begin looking for that special stone just for you.

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