Gemstone of the Month - Emerald

Gemstone of the Month - Emerald

Emerald is the lusciously green sparkling birthstone for the month of May and make great gifts for jewellery lovers.


Emerald is part of the variety of Beryl stones.  It's  unique colouring comes from it's chemical makeup of Chromium, Vanadium and Iron.  Natural Emerald has a virtual "garden" of identifying characteristics.  Wonderfully perfect 2-3 phase inclusions and growth tubes as pictured below. 


 Where are Emeralds mined?

  1. Columbia
    Columbian Emeralds are known for the some of the world’s finest emeralds, of perfect colour. Formed in calcite veins in black shales, these gems often have Calcite Crystals and Pyrite crystals within.
  2. Afghanistan
    Afghanistan Emeralds are rich in colour and saturation, being smaller in size with more than 4-5 Phase inclusions
  3. Zambia
    Zambian Emeralds have a slightly more yellowish body colour, gems often contain brownish inclusions of Mica and geometric 2-3 phase inclusions.

Some fantastic Emerald finds in the last few years.

The Inkalamu (Lion) emerald, 5,655 Carat Emerald, Zambia, October 2018

The Inkalamu (Lion) emerald

Who bought it? 

207.3 Carat Emerald, Muzo Mine Columbia, 2012

When cut and polished in Bogota, the newly discovered rough specimen produced four gemstones, two pears shapes of 42.66 carats and 41.46 carats, and two cushion cuts of 14.42 carats and 9.99 carats. 

The largest emerald in the world - called 'Fura' - of 11,000 carats, Muzo, Columbia 1999.


 Emerald, a universal symbol of love, can be used to create your own Moment in Time jewellery piece. 

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