Gem of the Month – Garnet!

Gem of the Month – Garnet!

Garnet is the celebrated birthstone for the month of January. Garnet is usually associated with the deep red of a Mozambique garnet as per the magnificent specimen displayed in this 14KW Garnet and Diamond ring. Simply gorgeous!



Unknown to many, Garnet also comes in a variety of other colours. Actually “Garnet” refers to the GROUP of gems that are differently coloured yet share a similar chemical composition. The name is derived from Latin for grain because of the rounded crystal structure common to them all.

Pictured are some samples of the amazing colour selection available. I am especially fond of the picture of the Grossularites below showing the colour variation from Yellow to Green.


Rhodolite Garnet


Demantoid Garnet


Tsavorite Garnet


Grossular Garnet – Yellow to Green



Spessartite Garnet on Hyalite on Quartz

Welcome to the wonderful colour spectrum of Garnets! I hope you have enjoy your journey into my gem world!

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