Custom Gold Nuggets from Old Gold

Custom Gold Nuggets from Old Gold

Create your own “Personal Moment in Time” Custom Nugget!

Shirley’s Custom Nugget Story:

Shirley’s parents were married in the early 1940’s. After many years of marriage her mother lost the centre diamond of her wedding set. Her father bought her mother a new wedding ring set and the old was put in the back of a drawer for safekeeping. It was passed on to Shirley at a later date. Having her mother’s original wedding rings was very special to Shirley. She had them tucked away in a drawer until she had an inspired thought ~ to make a very special present for her sister made from her mother’s wedding ring set ~ A Custom Nugget  Pendant from the Old Gold!

When making custom nuggets from old gold, each one is unique. They can be made from all types of gold items and a mix of different karats (purities). In Shirley’s case only her mother’s gold rings were used as she wanted this to be a very special memento for her sister.

Chris, our Designer/Goldsmith, was able to reuse the two shoulder diamonds, keeping them in their original settings from the ring, and put them directly onto the nugget. He also made the bail (hanger) for the pendant from the wedding band – a nice accent for the Custom Nugget Pendant.

Shirley was absolutely delighted with the outcome which is shown above!

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Your Personal Jewellers,

Carol & Chris Palko


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