Celebrating 20 Years in Business (1996-2016)

Celebrating  20 Years in Business (1996-2016)

What Makes A Business Partnership Work?

Chris and Carol Palko Celebrating 20 Years in Business – Palko Jewellery Design

Palko Jewellery Design – is a business “partnership” celebrating 20 years in operation in the 1000 Islands, Brockville, Ontario area. Chris and Carol Palko bring their love for one another into their business; they also just celebrated 25 years of marriage. They enjoy creating and “Capturing Special Moments in Time” jewellery, commemorative and presentation pieces for clients.

LGSBEC Lifetime Achievement Award

Each work of art is lovingly designed with true consideration for the person/s and event that is being honoured.

Chris is the Designer/Goldsmith and Enamellist, and Carol is the Business Manager and Gemologist. Their respective roles in the business are clearly defined: Chris is the artist/craftsman who designs and produces the jewellery pieces in his studio, on the computer and at the bench. Carol is the public face of the of the home-based business and can be found at events or in the office, meeting and conversing with clients. Both partners are dedicated to their business which naturally results in steady growth and success.

Here are a four things that make Palko Jewellery Design a great working partnership; one that clients come back to repeatedly:

1. Integrity, Trust & Ethics

Chris and Carol are well-respected in their community. They received 2013 Leeds & Grenville Entrepreneur/s of the Year award. People know they can count on Palko Jewellery Design to listen to their needs and provide them with quality service and products they love.

We deliver what we promise to our clients; if an agreement cannot be kept this is communicated to the client immediately.

– Palko Jewellery Design

2. Vision & Values

Chris and Carol love being entrepreneurs; they like to be their own bosses and produce high quality work for customers. They check-in regularly to make sure they still have the same business goals. Palko Jewellery Design is a destination jeweller for the 1000 Islands, Brockville area (Canada & USA) specializing in custom-designed jewellery for discriminating clients, who value jewellery as an art form.

We look for ways to do more with less and stay on a path of constant improvement and innovation.

– Palko Jewellery Design

3. Work Skills & Habits

Chris and Carol Palko are dedicated to their business and both work hard in their respective areas of expertise; Palko Jewellery Design benefits from both points of view and skill sets. Chris has over 35 years of experience in the Jewellery-making industry; he designs and produces the fine-crafted jewellery, commemorative and presentation pieces with a combination of fine handicraft, computer design and technical production skills. Carol is the Business Manager, a great organizer and former medical records specialist; she keeps people and projects well-documented and on track.

In their time off Chris and Carol travel in Canada and the United States exploring the geography, geology, and nature. This gives Chris creative inspiration for his work, and both of them time to relax and recharge.

We focus on co-operation and always come to a resolution, not a compromise. We have a balanced approach to life – remembering that spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are just as important as financial and intellectual.

– Palko Jewellery Design

4. Communications

Chris and Carol are in close communications so they can accurately create their clients’ wishes. Clear communications with their clients is key to their business success. This is a heart-centred business. They listen deeply to their customers which ensures they create the sentiment that inspired the jewellery, commemorative or presentation piece.

Technology is also an important marketing and communications tool used to inform and educate their clients. For example: Carol produces YouTube videos about the jewellery production process and manages all the social media channels.

We help clients by sharing our knowledge and making recommendations so that our customers can make well-informed decisions.

 – Palko Jewellery Design


Client Testimonials:


You listened. Exactly what I had envisioned you made. I was able to see it in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and then able to feel it in print (3D printed model). You have professionalism with a balance of warmth and an inviting environment. Not like going to other jewellery stores…You were genuine and aware of my circumstances and treated me with empathy

– Glen Bourassa

14K Gold (Man’s) Diamond Ring – by Palko Jewellery Design for Glen Bourassa


You are competent, good people, talented and dependable. You are knowledgeable in the information that you give.

– Shirley & Bruce Coggan

14k Gold Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring – by Palko Jewellery Design for Shirley and Bruce Coggan


The professionalism and care that I have always experienced with Carol & Chris is truly a blessing! Memories are FOREVER.

Tammy & Blaise Thompson

14K Gold Pendant (eternal knot) – by Palko Jewellery Design for Tammy and Blaise Thompson


For more testimonials about Chris and Carol’s work see the Palko Jewellery Design website.

Palko Jewellery Design would like to thank you for your business and support over the past 20 years (1996-2016). We continue to be at your service and would love to create and “Capture a Special Moment in Time” jewellery, commemorative or presentation piece for you.

Contact Palko Jewellery Design to begin creating your own personal moment in time.


We expect our clients to leave with a smile on their face. Nothing is left to chance.

– Palko Jewellery Design

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