1000 Islands Wine and Food Festival

1000 Islands Wine and Food Festival

1000 Islands Wine and Food Festival is coming!

Palko Jewellery Design is at the Show

Come and see Chris’ new jewellery designs. Inspired by fauna and vines. They are absolutely beautiful. See how he is using state of the art technology to create these beautiful pieces. Simply sensational!

Featured Show Guest

This year the feature guest is CHEF RENÉ RODRIGUEZ who is the Winner of Top Chef Canada Season 4 and owner of Basque Restaurant Navarra at 93 Murray Street in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.


Enter to Win at the Show!

To add an element of fun to the show we have partnered with Beauty Inside Spa, Brockberry Cafe and Suites, and Lance Besharah Woodturner, to do a collaborative ballot entry and draw for some amazing prizes!

Come and visit any of the four booths to pick up your Entry form and then visit each of the four booths to be able to fill in your ballot and see the prize that will be awarded to the winner of the draw.

VIP Clients chance to win a set of 2 tickets to the show:  Moment in Time memories with Palko Jewellery Design

*** Congratulations go to Judy Utman, Tammy Perrin, and Shirley Coggan who each receive a set of 2 tickets to the 1000 Island Wine and Food Show!  ***  Thanks for sharing your Palko Jewellery Design Moment in Time memories!

Of course, my favorite moment in time was my ring! It’s still exactly what I’ve always wanted, and wouldn’t change a thing!  Hope I win Thanks, Tammy Perrin, Brock Cartage

What a lovely opportunity! I can easily remember my favourite “moment”! Actually, the entire process of designing and creating my ring was thrilling but when you revealed the final result, I recall feeling absolutely giddy! Amazing what a little trinket can do to a girl! LoL!
Pamela Prince

My moment in time is more than a mere moment, but the story of my 31 years of marriage to my husband Tom.
After my solitaire diamond engagement and 10th anniversary diamond solitaire rings were constantly worn together for many years, they were badly needing to be re-set. On the occasion of our 15th anniversary we decided to combine the two diamonds into one new setting. With the help of Chris and Carol Palko we chose the ideal ring in which to place them and added three small diamonds to balance the setting. For our 20th anniversary we added the matching wedding band. Then for our 25th anniversary we added one more diamond to complete the ring. It became the story of our marriage, not merely one milestone in our time together. I now have a wonderful memory to keep with me, since my husband passed away 2 1/2 years ago, shortly after our 31st anniversary.
Now I need to expand the ring size to accommodate my growing joints with arthritis so I can continue to wear my momento…the results of a life well lived! Judy Utman

Where to begin ? I have many favourite moments in time. Watching my grand daughters necklaces become more meaningful and beautiful each year, or the necklace designed for a special birthday or my mother’s old rings turning into a gorgeous gold nugget. However, I must admit my most memorable and amazing moment shared with you two talented people was when Chris along with Carol’s help transformed my engagement ring and an anniversary ring into one stunning ring that I still enjoy wearing and receive compliments on. Shirley Coggan

When Chris suggested very gently he may be able to improve on my suggestion for a piece and of course it was perfect! Evelyn Doyle

Mark your calendar 29th or 30th May and see you at the show!

Your Personal Moment in Time Jeweller
Carol Palko



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